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Albert Einstein once said, “I never teach my pupils, I only provide the conditions in which they can learn.”

This quote aptly justifies today’s 21st century. It is of utmost importance that kids are exposed to a logical platform of learning and not encouraged to rote learn. Teaching science should be much more than mugging up of theories, formulas, and vocabulary. It should be lessons in problem solving and collaboration.

To combat this hurdle of rote learning in the Indian Education System, Dell India aims to put the spotlight on PC-enable interactive learning where students enjoy and get fully immersed in the learning process. With #DellAntiRote Day, #DellAarambh throws light on effective, objective learning by equipping teachers and parents all over India with vital PC skills and bringing into realisation that PC is a necessity and not a luxury in any household today.

The question that arises here is: what is PC–enabled learning?
PC- enabled learning is an interactive and sensory way of learning so students stay alert while studying. It focuses on understanding the theory taught in class rather than just memorizing it on surface level. This is done through virtual field trips, quizzes, videos, presentations and so on.

It is necessary for parents, teachers and students to clearly understand the reason why rote-learning should not be encouraged and why PC- enabled learning should be incorporated. The reasons are as follows:

  • Rote learning Is passive learning of mere facts. Whereas PC -enabled learning is active and immersive learning.
  • It has a short-term recall. PC-enabled learning gives a long-term understanding of the subject.
  •  It leads to mental exhaustion whereas PC-enabled learning is engaging and fun. It involves transfer of learning to solve new problems.
  • Most importantly, in rote learning there is no cognitive development in the child such as logical thinking, analysis, reasoning, problem-solving, etc. PC-enabled learning, on the other hand ,believes in developing the 3 Cs-Creativity, Critical thinking and Complex problem-solving, as they are the three most desirable skills for today’s Digital Indians.

To avoid rote learning and develop critical thinking, parents and teachers can incorporate new teaching techniques to make learning more engaging and fun for their kids. Example:

  • Bring in a surprise factor that will help children remember and retain the subject.
  •  Show them examples, encourage them to think deeply and associate learning with real life experiences.

Such activities will make learning easier and interesting.

Dell Aarambh is an initiative to turn the fear of the unfamiliar into a tool to unlock potential by demonstrating how a PC can facilitate better education for students through offline training, on-ground competitions and digital resources. Remember, don’t just teach your children to read. Teach them to question what they read. Only then will learning be more effective. Let’s shake hands with Dell India to make this learning – effective learning. Let’s make Digital India with Dell India.

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  1. That’s lovely article. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you so much

  2. This is a great initiative by DELL digital learning and good that you chose to make people aware of it.

  3. We must all get adapted with changing times.So I too believe that incorporating new technology in learning will help our kids and future generation.Good initiative by Dell.

  4. Understanding the basics and concepts is the right way of learning. Computers can be so helpful in solving confusions and problems.

  5. It is really important to learn and understand something rather that rote learning.
    That’s great initiative by Dell to more focus on practical knowledge than rote learning

  6. I agree with the points which you mentioned with describing differentiation between Rote learning and PC learning. It is a fact that we can’t ignore the digital learning methods nowadays.

  7. PC enabled learning helps kids understand a subject better. Kudos to Dell India for such initiative.

  8. Have been reading a lot about pc enabled learning these days. Well this is much appreciated initiative by dell. 🙂

  9. Indeed I agree with you Rote learning doesn’t have a long-lasting impact. Whereas experiential learning provided by PC stays forever.

  10. That’s a wonderful initiative by Dell India to incorporate PC enabled learning in our education system and replace rote learning. Learning should be fun & interactive, moreover it should be such that kids understand the concept.

  11. I am dead against the conventional method of learning, until you ask questions or seek explanations the concepts stay aloof. Happy to know Dell is running a great initiative of ROTE Learning.

  12. This is a wonderful initiative taken up by Dell to boost the creativity of kids.

  13. This is a great initiative by Dell and it can make the learning process for kids more effective and engaging.

  14. You are absolutely right. Rote learning serves no purpose. In this digital age, learning through technology has made the entire teaching-learning process super easy and fun.

  15. Rote learning might get a score but real life practicality is rare. I hope with a PC in hand students can have a simulation and analyze the situation – process – fact and more. Dell is doing a good initiative.

  16. This indeed is a worthy initiative by Dell to put an end to age old rote learning in India buddy and I really wish it brings in the desired change

  17. Rote learning is definitely not worth. Critical thinking and reasoning is very important. Great initiative by Dell.

  18. Absolutely rote way of learning is entrenched in our educational system. We must make that change . Such a fantastic approach by Dell

  19. Thanks to Dell for this thought provoking initiative. As a parent I always try to explain the foundation things for a longer time so that kids understand it and grasp it for life.

  20. wonderful initiative by Dell. Rote learning is not the way for raising 21st century kids.

  21. This initiative by Dell is so good for the betterment of kids learning future.

  22. Such an amazing article ……. Just loved it

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