This quote defines me completely. I had never ever in the wildest of my dreams thought that I would choose writing as my passion. If you question me what are my hobbies, you will come across a blank expression. I love life and enjoy doing everything. As my name suggests “SHILPA” which means “work of art”. Little did my parents knew that time their little princess would take up writing as an art.

 A home-maker by choice my world changed when I was blessed with a replica of mine. Yes, my adorable daughter Vihaana. Taking care of her, capturing her milestones, dressing her, shopping for her evolved blissful feelings and experiences. Writing my daily experiences with my tiny tot started magnetising appreciation and acknowledgements of new mommies. This encouraged me to share my inputs on the various brands I use for my daughter. Writing as a time -pass soon became a dedicated passion and from a MOM I became a MOM BLOGGER.

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